Donna R. Wood


Donna R Wood began her career as an author in 2011, when she published her first full-length novel, Sticks and Bones. Since then, she has gone on to write three novels and several short stories. Donna is a certified wellbeing coach and is the owner of Butterfly Phoenix and Butterfly Phoenix Publishing. Donna is a supporter of women’s rights, an LGBTQIA2S+ ally, an interfaith minister, and coffee connoisseur. She makes her home in Fargo, North Dakota, where she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.


The Universe: It’s More Than the Law of Attraction

Imagine living a life where everything you desired was made manifest? What would that life look like? How would you see yourself in this life? What would be different?

In this book, you will discover, or perhaps re-discover, the secrets contained in the 12 Immutable Laws of the Universe; how to make them work for you; and how to manifest a life filled with meaning, purpose, and your heart’s greatest desires.

This book goes deeper than the superficial modern consumerism of the western lifestyle. While exploring the 12 Immutable Laws of the Universe, including the Law of Attraction, you will discover who you really are, how to create meaning and purpose in your life, and how to manifest your deepest hopes and dreams.

Happiness is a state of being, despite the struggles and challenges that we encounter in life. To experience happiness is to have experiential knowledge of sorrow, loss, and heartache; to embrace the flow of life.

Many people today are fascinated with the Law of Attraction and how it can help them to manifest the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous. Unfortunately, for many of those same people, they become disappointed, frustrated, and even feel rejected. Then, they conclude that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work.

What many haven’t considered is that the Law of Attraction is only one of twelve laws that are integrated to work with one another; not independently.

This book is not intended to be the know and all, and be all, of the Twelve Immutable Laws of the Universe. The intention behind this book is to give the reader a fundamental knowledge of each of the laws individually, and how they work together as the true masters of the universe.

If you are ready to start taking control of and manifesting your life, then get started right away, and begin your journey today!

Prairie on Fire

On the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, Native American U. S. Army veteran, Devin Goes Along the Road, finds himself thrust into a prairie fire that threatens to rage outside the borders of North Dakota. Without warning, armed men swarm the Four Bears Casino and Lodge, ordering everyone out, triggering Devin’s secret that he brought home with him from Afghanistan.

High atop the butte, Crow Flies High, on the opposite bank of the Missouri River, Blake Eldridge, a Homeland Security Agent, keeps watch over the Four Bears Bridge and the deserted casino. Distracted by a small twin engine plane, flying low over the river, he doesn’t hear the men, who will change his life forever, sneaking up behind him. Held captive in a cabin in the middle of the vast emptiness of the prairie, Eldridge has to formulate his escape, before the men make good on their promise to behead him on live television.

At the Capitol Building in Bismarck, Governor Mark Danielson agrees to a meeting with the Tribal Council of the MHA Nation, regarding the closing of the casino in New Town. Tribal Chair, Ronald Yellow Feather, is whisked away to the hospital, while the throng of protestors that have gathered on the Capitol lawn ignites out of control and the Bismarck S.W.A.T. team moves in assisted by the North Dakota National Guard.

In a small diner on the main street of New Town, patrons watch in anticipation of the most horrific thing they have ever seen in their entire lives: the beheading of the Homeland Security Agent. Devin, along with his fiancé and her mother, are among the patrons. Devin replays the event over and over in his mind. It wasn’t real. At least he doesn’t think it was. Leaving his fiancé and her mother at home, Devin follows his instinct to leave no man behind, and goes in search of the agent, that only he seems to know is still very much alive.

Lying helpless in a hospital bed in Bismarck, Ronald Yellow Feather makes a confession to his wife that will end their forty year marriage ~ for good. As far as she is concerned, her husband is a traitor, not only to their marriage, but the tribe, and all the Native American people of the world. Medicine Man, and Ronald’s life-long friend, John Big Bear, has the evidence in his hands that will throw Ronald not only out of his office as Tribal Chair, but out of the tribe as well.

In the hunting shanty that had belonged to his grandparents, Devin and his best friend Paul, learn that America’s greatest fear has come to pass. The men, who had held Eldridge hostage, are not foreigners at all. They are Americans; men in the employ of a megalomaniac, who is sick, twisted and sadistic to the core. The man who is now hunting them.

Lake Metigoshe, North Central North Dakota on the Canadian Border, near the Peace Gardens: Governor Mark Danielson ponders the chaos that has set his state on fire. Danielson commandeers the Humvee of the Guardsman tasked with the protection of the Governor and his family, and heads southwest to the Minot Air Base, where he finds the answers to all his questions ~ answers that shock him to the very center of his being.

Alone in his hospital room, Ronald vows to redeem himself. There may be no redemption from his wife, Elizabeth, but he has to make it right for the Tribe. He confesses all he knows to General Ryder at the Minot Air Base, promising to testify in exchange for leniency. He may spend the rest of his life in a Federal prison, but at least the Tribe will have the hope of a future. His only regret is that it will be a future that won’t include him.

The Corner Scoop

The Corner Scoop, an ice cream parlor turned coffee shop, has stood at the corner of Front Street and Broadway for over fifty years. Embittered by his life as the inherited owner, Henry has had to make difficult decisions, two of which could land him the clink for the rest of his life. The unfairness of the death of his wife catapults Henry into business with Ol’ Bailey, and when Louie Jr. gets wind of the operation, he puts the screws to Henry. Will Henry cave to Louie’s demands? Will The Corner Scoop survive?

Mindfulness in Business: A Butterfly Phoenix Business Short

Mindfulness is all the rage in the business world today. The question is: Does Mindfulness really make a difference, or is it just over-hyped B.S.? American Author, Intellectual, and Social Theorist, Donna R. Wood, takes a look at Mindfulness – where did it come from? what do the researchers say? and, is it worth the financial cost to a company to implement? Butterfly Phoenix Business Shorts are designed to be read in thirty minutes or less, to inspire thought-provoking conversation and critical thinking, surrounding the issues that matter most to business leaders around the world.

The Butterfly Fields (Chrysalis Book 1)

As the story goes, after the great clan wars, two sisters dwelt on the edge of the canyons, in the manor of the Lord and Lady McCormick known as Bainsford. Each of them bears their own burdens of birth. Elsie the scars and markings of her people, the na hÉireann, men of science and discovery. Annalicia the condition she inherited from her father, a hideous, violent man – an outsider.

Known only as Dances with the Butterflies, and the Wishing Woman of Johnsport, by the original peoples, the Daoine Réalta, the sisters are to be avoided at all costs. They are dangerous to be sure, and hold a deep and mysterious power beneath their flesh. One they hide in the elusive Butterfly Fields of legend.

It was these sisters, who brought the war between He Who Created All Things and the ruler of the Land of Eternal Flames to the Lowlands. The only hope for the Lowlands, and indeed the world, is the secret that lies in the depths of the keep of the Daoine Réalta citadel.

Torn Wings (The Chrysalis Series Book 2)

The na hÉireann men of science, forced to work with the Daoine Réalta, must discover the secrets of The Butterfly Fields before all of Johnsport is lost; and indeed the world. At the edge of the canyons, the armies of the world prepare for a battle of which they have no knowledge how to fight; or win. Standing at the edge of The Butterfly Fields, fierceness fills the breast – fear is the true enemy. Or, so they believe. Coming face to face with the Emperor, who now rules the heart and mind of The Butterfly Fields, shall truly tell the tale of what is fear, and what is terror.

In the skies above Johnsport shines a star that seems to grow in size and brilliance with each passing day. Is it a sign from He Who Created All Things, or an omen of the days foretold in the Great Book of All Things? The seasons are out of season, famine has swept the land, and a plague of fear has engulfed the Lowlands.

The only hope for the world is the power held between the two McCormick sisters. A power they have kept hidden in the elusive fields of butterflies. The na hÉireann men of science must find the source of this power, and the Daoine Réalta an explanation. The answer to the question must be found – Does He Who Created All Things exist or does He not?

A Day in the Wilderness

After she is abandoned by her friends, a young woman finds herself lost and alone in the wilderness. Without proper gear, or the most rudimentary of survival skills, the young woman begins a journey through uncharted territory. Her trek takes her on the path to self-discovery, and ends with the culmination of all that she has ever hoped for; the way home.

Sticks and Bones

West Fargo, ND – The body of missing, Leah Jackson, was discovered late last night on the old Jordaine farm, on County Road 17, north of West Fargo, ND. The office of Kim Vanderhorn, District Attorney, has released a statement indicating foul play is suspected. According to Detective Marcia Grant, lead investigator, there are currently no suspects. More details to come.~ Robert Andrews, Reporter.

Detective Marcia Grant never thought much about high school, until the body of missing Leah Jackson is discovered on an abandoned farmstead. The discovery launches Marcia into a world she had left behind years ago; the world where the social ladder must be climbed, or clung to, at all costs; or risk social suicide.

Officer Jonathon Drake worked hard ensuring his next step on the professional ladder would be to Detective. He never thought his career would be derailed by a woman. Especially the woman he secretly planned to marry – one day.

The holiday season is upon the Midwestern city of West Fargo. The school year is in full swing, when Halloween night, high school sophomore, Leah Jackson, will leave her home for the last time. The gossip mill begins to grind in the school system, the police department, and throughout the metropolitan area.

Who killed Leah Jackson? Was it Clyde Jordaine the abusive, alcoholic widower who owns the abandoned farmstead? Was it Sasha Davis the high society girl, and best friend of Leah Jackson, in a move to become Queen Bee of the tenth grade? Was it a Satanic Halloween ritual propagated by Sean Dorian and his minions?

As Marcia moves her inexperienced team forward through the investigation, a time bomb is ticking in the city. The tension is running high in the department and in the streets. Caving under the pressure of the investigation, Drake inadvertently lets Marcia know how he feels about her and disappears into the night; igniting suspicious minds within the department.

There are no real suspects in the case, only speculation and hearsay. Until a primetime news show develops into a new theory. A new possibility that even Marcia, with her degrees in behavioral science and forensic psychology, had not considered. It wasn’t possible. Or, was it?

“Sticks and Bones” promises a journey through the underbelly of the American High School like no other. Love them or hate them, the characters leap off the page, into the memories of the reader, taking on the forms of ghosts from the past. Do you dare journey back to high school? Just one more time?

Staff Infection: The Epidemic of Toxic Cultures

There is a pandemic creeping into society. It is a disease that is so frightening, so nefarious that we should be afraid…very afraid. It’s been slightly over a decade since we have first heard about bullying in our K-12 schools. In this decade, thousands of young people have been the victim for various reasons, or no particular reason at all. In this decade, thousands of young people have grown into college students, bringing their bullying ways with them onto the college campuses. In this decade, thousands of young people have graduated college, bringing their bullying ways into the workplace.