Silvia Villalobos


Silvia Villalobos lives immersed in the laid-back vibe of Southern California. She writes mystery novels and short stories. Her debut novel, Stranger Or Friend, was published by Solstice Publishing in 2015. Her stories have appeared in The Riding Light Review and Red Fez, among other publications.


Stranger or Friend

Zoe Sinclair finds her Wyoming hometown reeling from the murder of its most popular resident: her best friend, Lori. Not less unnerving are the strange cries coming from the woods. The lawyer inside the woman is prompted into action, but she meets resistance from a town wary of outsiders. When a second body is found and Zoe is threatened, the case turns personal. Under pressure from the sheriff to leave the probing to the police, and taunted by the killer’s subtle messages, Zoe finds herself trapped in a game of hunter and prey.

START AGAIN: Short Stories by the author of Stranger or Friend

Five short stories about five different women who go through the unpredictable moments that make life extraordinary. Tess is thrown a curveball when her well-constructed life plan goes awry. Paige is only happy when she is unhappy. Ioana, and indirectly Wayde, learn to deal with different heartaches while on a beach far away. Eve, had put her trust in the wrong friend and must do everything in the power to save her family. Mia, fights back an abusive partner in the game of her life.

An Affair of the Heart

A young wife is thrown a curveball when her well-constructed plan goes awry. As she unravels a host of secrets, a new and different life opens up before her.

Summer Thrills Summer Chills

The fear of being alone and lost. The nerves that come with starting over. Strange visitors. The sense that something, somehow, is off. Plan to shiver. But not from the cold. Sit back and enjoy tales from ten very talented authors: A.A. Schenna, Barbara Weitzner, Charmaine Pauls, Cynthia Ley, E.B. Sullivan, K.C. Sprayberry, Margaret Egrot, Penny Estelle, S Cu’Anam Policar, and Silvia Villalobos.

Riding Light: Winter 2015

A special full color issue. Riding Light is a magazine of literature and art. Riding Light publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography.