Alexander Vayle


Alexander Vayle grew up on the quiet shores of Long Lake in Western Minnesota. He now resides in North Dakota where he works in the medical field alongside his wife. Together, they raise three rambunctious sons and a beautiful daughter.

His first publication, a collection of supernatural suspense titled Among the Stray was published by All Things That Matter Press in June of 2021. He followed up with the short story “For Every Action” which was included in the 2022 anthology Tales From the Frozen North by the
Moorhead Friends Writing Group. His short story “One Small Cloud in the Sky” can be found in their 2023 anthology Welcome to Effham Falls.


Among the Stray

“People have this funny idea there’s always a way out.” The man stepped a predatory circle around a young woman, seated, and bound. “There’s got to be. Right? Wouldn’t be fair otherwise.” He paused behind her. “Hate to break it to ya, sweetheart. Sometimes there just ain’t no way.” Slowly, he arched forward until his lips flittered against the curve of her ear. “That’s why people die.”

In this collection of supernatural suspense five people face the challenges of their lives. Here, a lonely woman is drawn to danger for reasons that will only become clear beyond the point of no return. A little girl scrambles to save her brother in the ruins of a dying world. An elderly man pays for his curiosity when he is forced on a deadly ride to the country. Revenge is all a broken widower has left to live for, however, delivering justice may mean cutting through the innocent first. Finally, an old traveler knocks on a man’s door and informs him an unpayable debt has come due.

Enter Among the Stray, where the will to survive strains beneath the weight of the world.