T.J. Fier


Theatre professor by day and writer by night, T.J. Fier’s other works include the short story “Kelpie” in Nothing Short Of Terror, “The Hunt” in Tales From The Frozen North, “Reindeer Games” in The Colour Out Of Deathlehem, and the “EVP Session #454” in the September 2021 issue of Brilliant Flash Fiction. Her debut novel, The Bright One, will be released by Three Little Sisters Publishing November 2022.


The Bright One

The Bright One is a quirky tale, spinning the traditional views of the unicorn completely on its horns and giving us a journey that is beyond friendship, beyond loyalty, beyond the human and unicorn connection.

“Kelpie” in Nothing Short of Horror

“Reindeer Games” in The Colour Out of Deathlehem“Kelpie” in Nothing Short of Horror