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Welcome to Effham Falls

Prepare yourself now for Effham Falls, Minnesota. The stories that follow traverse a terrain which includes both the literary and the supernatural. No matter the genre, the characters here face hard choices. How can a woman dispose of the ashes of a man she hasn’t seen in ten years? What mystery lies behind the discovery of a ring with a finger still attached? What mission brings a stranger from distant St. Paul? Demons and doppelgangers and antique dolls capable of possession await in these pages. Both books and bookstores may become doorways to magic. How far will the characters go to find fortune, even if it means resorting to robbery, cheating, or braving a curse? The only thing certain in Effham Falls is that nothing will quite be the same again.

Spring 2023

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Tales From the Frozen North

In the Frozen North, there is something wonderful about settling into a comfortable chair with a warm beverage and reading a good book.

With a variety of short stories, poems, and a record blizzard, this anthology will appeal to a broad range of readers.

So settle in and enjoy Tales from the Frozen North.

Publication for the book was provided with help by the Awesome Foundation Grant.

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