Tina Holland


Tina studied journalism at University and then went to work for a fortune 500 company, working in Logistics for over twenty years. She now writes full-time and helps her husband run his crop dusting business in the summer months. When she’s not writing, she likes to travel, read and spend time with family and friends.


he Courtesan of Constantinople

Archangel Revolution Book 1

Laurel Gunn’s freedom and body were traded for queen and country following her husband’s death on the battlefield. Laurel is a courtesan, a spy, and a fae. Like most Fae, she is not free.

Doctor Benjamin Gunn is sent to investigate a body for clues as to The Cleaver’s identity. Ben has been keeping secrets and is unsure if he can reveal what creature he is to Laurel, and why he is among the living.

Constantinople, also known as the Global City, is filled with politicians, espionage, and magic. In a world of spies, not everyone is who they seem, but those seeking justice aren’t even human. Laurel must tread carefully as allies become foes and her very fate lies with England’s Queen.

Award-Winning, romance author Tina Holland takes you on an electrifying journey into retrofuturistic Victorian England, where technology, magic, and murder collide! This spine tingling adventure will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end!

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Drake’s Desire

Dealing With the Dead Book 1

In Sin Vegas, things go bump in the night. Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies—oh my!

Humans are rare and remain in hiding. Melissa and her clan have found a way to survive. Possession. Melissa is a Passage—allowing her body to be possessed by earthbound souls.

Drake Vermillion is a vampire looking for a quick bite. Instead, he finds Melissa, but when she turns ice-cold before the first taste, Drake is intrigued rather than fearful of the huntress.

Melissa may normally hunt creatures of the night, but she makes an exception when Drake offers her the one thing she can’t refuse—help for her family.

Can a huntress and a vampire be compatible?

Will Melissa help her clan, or will she succumb to Drake’s Desire?

Paranormal romance author Tina Holland will keep you on the edge of your seat in Book 1 of her Dealing With the Dead series.

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2013) Liquid Silver Books

Beauty Is a Beast

Dealing With the Dead Book 2

The year…3025. The location…Spring Mountain, Nevada. The problem…humans are fast becoming extinct! Welcome…to the post-apocalyptic future.

She bit him. OMG she bit him! Nizhoni of Mojave Earth Clan hoped her spirit guide would offer protection. She would need it to flee the man she had bitten out of fear! Hiding in the darkness she shifted. No longer human, she was now a wolf and her destination… as far away from Michael as possible.

Michael of the Air Clan has searched for the woman he calls Beauty for a long time. She is the one who turned him into a creature of the moon and fled before he could recover. She’d given him no time to figure out his feelings for her. When he finds her living among the Mojave, he believes he can finally claim her.

There’s only one problem. She’s already married. Together Nizhoni and Michael must battle her former lover, the Yee Naaldlooshi, or feared skin-walker. The fate of their love and humankind hangs in the balance.

If Beauty can’t have her mate and save the world, she’s going to be a real Beast.

Paranormal romance author Tina Holland pens a stunning tale of love, danger, and second chances in Book 2 of her Dealing With the Dead series.

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2010) Liquid Silver Books

Z and the Firewolf

Dealing With the Dead Book 3

When the Phoenix Lunar Coven hires Maximillian Z to retrieve their most valued treasure from an evil skin-walker, they expect results. As a hardened mercenary hunted by his own clan, Z expects trouble but not the feelings evoked by Princess Tierra. Tierra is no ordinary witch, she’s a werewolf and a phoenix.

Tierra has gone into heat as with every cycle of the Lunar Eclipse. Even though she is mated, she must fulfill her duty. Z refuses to return Tierra and has every intention of keeping her for himself.

It’s a race against the moon—for whoever kills the Firewolf on the Lunar Eclipse will inherit the powers of the Coven. With the skin-walker searching for Tierra, and Z’s clan chasing him, will they make it before the eclipse? Or will everything go up in flames for Z and the Firewolf?

Paranormal romance author Tina Holland pens a stunning tale of love, danger, and power in Book 3 of her Dealing With the Dead series.

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2010) Liquid Silver Books

The Pilot and the Pin-up

Starving Artist Book 1

A pilot and a pin-up…the perfect match? Maybe not!

Former pinup model, Sydney Wagner, is about to fulfill her life-long dream of publishing her first novel. Attending a writer’s conference in Kansas City is more play than work. Fate factors in, when her car blows a tire on the way to the conference.

Pilot and entrepreneur, Peter Kane, notices a car on the side of the road and isn’t about to pass up the chance to help a stranded motorist, especially, one as sexy as Sydney Wagner. But can he deal with her hot-then-cool attitude, or her tawdry past?

Contemporary romance author Tina Holland pens a hot, sexy romance in Book 1 of her Starving Artist series.

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2005) Liquid Silver Books

Last Virgin In Vegas

Starving Artist Book 2

Every man dreams of two women in his bed, right?

So why does Lance Lott’s life seem less than perfect, since he and his long-time girlfriend Sydney slept with Gwen McIver?

Lance can’t stop obsessing about Gwen and he’s trying to get a new casino project off the ground. Things wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t have to deal with his former-showgirl turned match-making mother – who is screaming for him to give up his architecture business and become a magician.

What’s an architect to do when all he has designs on is his lover’s best friend?

Contemporary romance author Tina Holland delivers a passionate love story in Book 2 of her Starving Artist series.

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2007) Liquid Silver Books

Starving Artist series by Tina Holland
1. The Pilot and the Pin-up
2. Last Virgin in Vegas

Buckin’ Chastity

The Caulfield Cowboys Book 1

Buck Caulfield wanted to win a buckle not break a leg. He did just that, and “Doc” Chastity Meadows patched him up and then put him to bed.

Chastity never got over Buck because she didn’t have time. She went from setting broken limbs to barely breaking even. Her father’s untimely death left Chastity to take over the family ranch now in dire straits.

Chastity has managed to keep the banker and her ambitious neighbors at bay but for how much longer? An unexpected windfall comes: Buck Caulfield.

He had no idea Chastity owned the ranch he was looking at taking over, but now that he’s found her, he’s not about to let her go, not someone as lovely as his Buckin’ Chastity.

Contemporary western romance author Tina Holland pens a fun romance you won’t want to miss in Buckin’ Chastity, book 1 in The Caulfield Cowboys series.

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2011) Resplendence Publishing

Dani Loves Dallas

The Caulfield Cowboys Book 2

Friendships, lust, love, and secrets from the past!

Dallas Caulfield had a pretty good life until Dani Stewart arrived. She makes him feel things he thought buried and brings about a rivalry with his best friend, Cal Ryder.

Dani is looking for a break from a job where she flies non-stop and Dallas fits the bill nicely. Dani barely has a chance to have any fun when Cal, a one-night stand, gets in the way.

Cal never got over his fascination with Dani. So he agrees to share her with Dallas. As the lovers delve deeper, secrets arise. Cal is willing to risk everything to acquire the woman he loves. There’s only one problem, Dani loves Dallas.

Danielle Stewart is ready to settle down. Her days as a flight attendant, jetting between cities is wearing her down. When she sees a picture of Dallas Caulfield at her best friends’ home, her heart skips a beat. There is something in his eyes that pulls her in, and she decides to find a way to make him hers.

Dallas Caulfield is a little put out when his sister-in-law, Chastity asks him to play host to her best friend Danielle, Dani Stewart for a week. He’s seen her picture and while he was drawn to her beauty, he isn’t looking for a relationship and he’s pretty sure Chastity isn’t going to be happy if he treats her like a one-night stand.

But all bets are off when they finally meet and the spark between them ignites, only to be blown out when Dallas’ best friend Cal Ryder announces he not only knows Dani, but he thinks she is the one for him. When Cal realizes there is something happening between Dallas and Dani he offers a solution…let’s share.

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2011 Resplendence Publishing)

Austin Nights in Savannah

The Caulfield Cowboys Book 3

Forensic accountant Savannah Andrews has a reputation for getting the job done. No matter what. Now she’s on her toughest assignment. Recruited by the FBI to take down the DeLugge crime family, Savannah is in the wrong place at the right time.

Federal Marshal Austin Caulfield’s timing has always been excellent. He’s surprised when he comes to Vegas to retrieve a witness at a sex club to find his childhood sweetheart on an auction block. Austin has no choice but to save her.

As Savannah and Austin get closer, limits are tested and secrets revealed. Nothing in Vegas is what it seems, least of all the club Flesh. Will Savannah find out the secrets behind the notorious club? Will Austin get his witness to the stand, or will Austin’s nights in Savannah distract them both?

Austin Nights in Savannah is book 3 in Tina Holland’s sexy western series, The Caulfield Cowboys. This exciting addition to the series is sure to keep you turning the pages as you discover the secret desires pulling Savannah and Austin together.

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2013) Resplendence Publishing

Sexing Up the Spy: Prequel

The Caulfield Cowboys Book

Lexi Andrews keeps her erotic writing a secret but she’ll gladly risk exposure for the chance to work with “Killer” spy creator Jake Stone.

While Jake is hesitant to work with anyone, he’ll meet Lexi to appease his female fans.

Together, they hatch a plan to rehearse the love scenes and give Jake’s novel realism.

But what starts out as an experiment soon takes on a life of its own. Jake’s deadline doesn’t seem as pressing as Lexi’s lovely body.

Can Jake and Lexi keep their hands off each other long enough to “Sex up the Spy”?

Contemporary romantic comedy author Tina Holland pens a delightful romance you won’t want to miss in Sexing Up the Spy, Prequel to The Caulfield Cowboys series.

*Previously Published: (2010) Resplendence Publishing


Brave the Elements Book 1

Did you know all fairies are ruled by the elements?

Did you know they answer to a group known as the Veil? Sort of a fairy secret council, and there are rules that must be obeyed. Rule #1… never reveal what you are!

Jamie Waters broke the rules when she retrieved an anchor off the shores of California, setting a new world-record for free-diving. Now she must flee to where the Veil can’t find her… the town of Innocent, Minnesota. There, she breaks another rule when she meets and falls hard for a human, Beau Collins.

Beau Collins isn’t like most humans. he can’t catch fire and being a fireman is the perfect job for him. When he meets Jamie Waters it’s instant attraction. Opposites attract but everyone knows, “Fire and water don’t mix”.

When Beau is burned after battling a warehouse fire, Jamie works to help him find the arsonist. Can they find out who it is before they lose control over the elements?

Will Beau risk being with Jamie even if it means he can’t be Fireproof?

Paranormal romance author Tina Holland delivers action, adventure, and romance in Book 1 of her Brave the Elements series.

*Not intended for readers under the age of 18.
*Previously Published: (2009) Liquid Silver Books

Finding Your Path to Publishing

Have you completed a novel and not sure what to do next? Are you not sure if you should work with an agent, lawyer or publicist? Is it better to be traditionally published or be independent? Tina Holland will help you answer these questions and assist you in finding your path in publishing.