Chris Stenson


At a young age, Chris had success winning young author contests, and his love for writing continued throughout high school and into adulthood. He is the founder and leader of the Moorhead Friends Writing Group which has hosted nationally known authors as guest speakers. His short story “Two Bobbies” was selected for inclusion in the Horror Writers Network Anthology, The Gates of Chaos, and was published in March 2021. “Roadkill Surprise”, a werewolf short story, was included in the summer print edition of the 2021 Horror ZineMagazine. His newest short story “Planted” will be published in 2023 Fear Forges Anthology Spring Edition.


Fear Forge: Spring Quarter 2023 Edition (Fear Forge Anthology Series Book 2)

Coming soon!

The Horror Zine Magazine Summer 2021

Since 2009, The Horror Zine has published exceptional horror fiction by emerging talent and today’s leading authors. Editor Jeani Rector selects only the most inventive and captivating tales for each issue. In addition to short fiction, The Horror Zine features amazing poetry and artwork. Now The Horror Zine brings you the dark delights from the ezine into a print magazine.

The Summer 2021 issue features Maureen O’Leary, Michael J. Moore, Timothy Wilkie, Roger Cowin, Michael Burke, Chris Stenson, Dan A. Cardoza, Marlon S. Hayes, William Falo, Dacre Stoker and Dr. Chris McAuley, Jessica Daly, William Couper, Joseph V. Danoski, Claire T. Feild, Fred R. Kane, Patricia L. Stover, Stephanie Smith, Donna Dallas, M.J. Holmes, John Grey, Yuan Hongri, Sharmila Mitra, Marlon S. Hayes, Steven Translateur, Elen Mart, Vera Chemysheva, J.B. Lee, Liliia Beda, Igor Vitkovskiy, and Aldo Lira.

The Gates Of Chaos: Stories Written During The Pandemic

Cha·os /ˈkāˌäs/ complete disorder and confusion. Assaulted from all directions by natural disasters, political upheavals and viral pandemics, we often feel we are living in a time of chaos. But imagine how much worse things can get. We still sleep in our warm beds, are able to eat, to drive, to vote, to think freely. Are we truly living in a time of chaos, or do we merely stand on the precipice, waiting at the gates? Can we possibly imagine the true horror that awaits us on the other side? In 2020, amidst the panic and confusion of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the online group Horror Writers Net tasked its most twisted and deranged minds with imagining the worst. This anthology of 20 short tales of Horror fiction is the result of their efforts. A work of passion and fear, the collection features illustrations by pen & ink artist Will Jacques, and stories by B.T. Noonan, Jesse D’Angelo, N.M. Brown, Wayne Hartshorn, Florence Ann Marlowe, Adam Michael Dodds-Wade, Brianna Van Riet, James Miles, Valkyrie Kerry, Nelson Hurley, Chris Stenson, Scott Dyson, Jim Falcon, and Rob Harman. Pass through these gates at your own risk.