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Suzi writes in a variety of genres and has self-published horror and suspense stories and some fairy tale retellings. She has also published contemporary young adult novels under the name Suzi Drew. When she’s not writing, she spends time with her family and friends and her sweet and fluffy dog, and she works as a freelance editor and gets to edit fantastic stories for her job. 

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Panne Dora Pass

A blast triggered an avalanche that brought down a wall of snow in the Walcaster Mountains, blocking the only route out of a small mining town. When the weather finally allows residents to start clearing the pass, Warren brings along his son with the crew to help.

But as they dig out the snow, they soon realize something is wrong. Terribly wrong. And there’s no way to escape the horror they’ve unleashed.

Glenda and Gus (Twisted Twins)

Glenda and Gus

Glenda and Gus. Gus and Glenda. Built-in best friends to last forever.

But sometimes forever isn’t that long.

Glenda never really could count on her twin brother. Over the years, Gus often drove away her friends and love interests with his leering gaze, he took advantage of their parents and developed an incurable gambling problem, and he just didn’t always respect their twin bond.

But she still loves him. So much so, that she’s willing to pack up her life and move him several states away to an isolated cabin in the woods. With no neighbors around for miles, they’ll have lots of quiet time together where she’ll care for him and teach him the error of his ways.

No, Glenda won’t give up on her brother, and she’s going to give him a chance to apologize for the mistakes he’s made, to apologize for hurting her and others, because Gus needs to be taught a lesson, and that’s exactly what a good sister does.

Two for the Price of One (Twisted Twins)

Two for the Price of One

Three go in… Two come out.

Lina has never been close to her twin sister, Brynn, and the unequal divide of an inheritance drives them further apart. Wanting to make amends, Lina offers to bring Brynn and their younger sister on a road trip, and before they arrive home, she’ll announce a big surprise: an offer to split the inheritance evenly between the three.

Even though she agreed to fund the entire trip, Lina can’t help but notice how Brynn steers them toward pricey activities that align with her expensive tastes, and she always wants to eat at restaurants with hundred-dollar tabs. But Lina wants to keep the peace, so she never shuts down Brynn’s suggestions.

But then Brynn proposes a stop at a decrepit doll museum on a desolate highway in the middle of nowhere. Inside the museum, Lina feels like doll eyes are on her, following her, drilling into her. And she is right to be on edge because by the end of the visit, only two sisters will leave. And one will be staying… Forever.

A Hard Split (Twisted Twins)

A Hard Split

A twin’s bond is hard to break

Tyler wishes he could cut his brother out of his life. And sometimes he wishes he could just push Bran off a cliff. Of course, he never truly would, even if given the opportunity.

And not just because of their special twin bond. Tyler suffers from crippling anxiety and often depends on Bran to talk him through his dark thoughts and help him deal with their overbearing and controlling mother. He needs Bran in a lot of ways.

But now the brother who used to be a support is trying to micromanage his life, deciding where Tyler must live and who Tyler will date. And no matter how often Tyler dreams of being an only child, he’ll always be stuck as Bran’s twin.

The only way to fix this is to end his dependence on Bran. But if he does, life will never be the same.

In the Queen’s Dark Light: A Down the Twisted Path Story

In the Queen’s Dark Light

A Down the Twisted Path Story: a new spin on an olde tale

Untempered jealousy is a poison to the soul.

Princess Starr has always known her step-mother does not like her, but after her father dies, Queen Ivy doesn’t hide her disdain, and Starr watches as Ivy slowly transforms into a cruel and vicious tyrant, increasing her control over the subjects in their kingdom. Starr tries to fight the queen over these new policies, but the more Starr pushes, the more Queen Ivy takes out her anger on those Starr is trying to protect.

Queen Ivy’s magic mirror has been essential the last few years since the king died. Not only does it help her expose the undesirables in her kingdom who are disloyal to her rule, but now it’ll help find her the perfect husband: pliable, compliant, and devastatingly handsome. But the magic mirror reveals more than she’d ever expected, and she realizes she must get rid of that pesky princess, or she may risk losing her kingdom

In the Queen’s Dark Light is a dark and twisted Snow White retelling.

When the Forest Cries: A Down the Twisted Path Story

When the Forest Cries
A Down the Twisted Path Story: a new spin on an olde tale

One bite is all it takes…

Out on a walk, Princess Talia can’t resist taking a bite from a lovely apple hanging from a tree, but a witch appears and accuses her of stealing, and sentences her to three years of servitude. Talia tries to run away, but Zella’s magic imprisons her, hiding Talia from those looking for her. She has no choice but to accept her punishment for now, but she will not give up her search for a magical escape.

Talia spends long days working as a maid, trying to get along with Zella’s cranky assistant and also avoiding her crude and loathsome son. But Zella is quick to anger, offering vicious punishments for small mistakes, and if Talia messes up one too many times, she just might lose her life.

When the Forest Cries is a dark and twisted Rapunzel retelling.

Killing Rosie: A Down the Twisted Path Story

Killing Rosie
A Down the Twisted Path Story: a new spin on an olde tale

Rosie doesn’t know she’s about to die.

It’s Law’s last job as a hired hitman, a vigilante who takes care of those who escape justice, and then he’s starting a quiet life, working on his newly acquired farm. But on his way to dispose of Rosie, he runs into Sunny, an acquaintance traveling the forest alone, a dangerous road for a single, pretty gal, and he offers her a lift, unwilling to let her travel the road by herself.

Neither of them knows much about each other’s lives, and on the short ride, he gets to know the tenacious and generous Sunny better. But she also makes him question who he’s been and who he wants to be. And just maybe it isn’t his decision to determine Rosie’s fate.

Now he must decide if Rosie’s going to live or to die.

Killing Rosie is a dark and twisted Little Red Riding Hood retelling.

The Perfect Meal: A Down the Twisted Path Story

The Perfect Meal
A Down the Twisted Path Story: a new spin on an olde tale

A troll’s bite is much worse than his bark.

Camilla’s older sisters have never treated her well, especially since her parents died. When Hilde and Marit ruin the family name and are on the verge of getting run out of their small town, the three sisters decide to start their new life in the big city.

But the long journey starts at a bridge that houses a vicious man-eating troll, and since it’s their only route they can take, they must cross. If they can fool the troll, they’ll all three come out with their lives, but if not… one or all of them might just end up as troll food.

The Perfect Meal is a dark and twisted Three Billy Goats Gruff retelling.

An Unwanted Life: A Down the Twisted Path Story

An Unwanted Life
A Down the Twisted Path Story: a new spin on an olde tale

Thrust into a life she did not want…

Being the eldest child in a royal family, Vittoria looks forward to one day ruling her kingdom. She has accepted that as princess, she might not marry for love, but her father increasingly applies pressure to marry men whom she despises, but are from acceptable families, and he turns away any slightly decent man.

A sleeping spell cast by a rogue enchantress steals away a year of her life, but a kiss from her supposed true love, a prince from a distant land, removes the spell, and she awakens to find she is now promised in marriage to the man. After getting to know the arrogant prince, she isn’t sure she’ll ever come to love him, and she dreads the day she is forced to move to his lands, where they will rule together.

But her country has fallen into turmoil, and nobody knows if the enchantress was working on her own or if she colluded with the Resistance, a violent group opposed to the king and his policies. Vittoria has one month left before she has to leave the country she loves, but her life is still in danger, and as she searches for answers, she must decide whom she can trust and whom she can’t.

An Unwanted Life is a dark and twisted Sleeping Beauty retelling.

The Whole Story: A Down the Twisted Path Story

The Whole Story
A Down the Twisted Path Story: a new spin on an olde tale

Some mistakes can never be forgiven.

Basil never gave much thought to the giants living above him in their own world until one day when he discovers an invisible stalk in his backyard. He takes several trips up the stalk, but on his third time, he accidentally rips open a hole in the ground, and a giant home and its inhabitants crash down onto his house, almost killing his sick mother.

At the hospital he gets to know Nissa, a sweet nurse who is so concerned about his mother, a woman she doesn’t even know. As the authorities try to figure out who is responsible for the destruction and giants’ deaths, Basil must hide his culpability. But as he falls deeper for Nissa, the lies also grow, and he worries that the girl he loves might never forgive him.

The Whole Story is a dark and twisted Jack and the Beanstalk retelling.

The Silent Treatment

The Silent Treatment: a story of secrets, lies, and betrayal

Kacee can’t do anything right, not according to her husband, Roman. And sometimes when she makes him mad, he gives her the silent treatment. It’s better than his fists though.

Between Roman and his dysfunctional family, she tries to stay in line, but one day she screws up big time, revealing a secret that could get him thrown in jail. As the days pass and his silent treatment continues, Kacee starts to question their life together and wonders what other secrets he’s keeping buried.

Long-Term Effects

Long-Term Effects: a novelette

Ray and Allie are on a break. Not due to anything he did though.

They’re still living in their shared apartment as she tries to figure out if she wants to spend her life with him. And tonight, she wants him to attend her work holiday party, but not together. It’s just one night, one party, and he’ll do anything she asks, hoping that she won’t make their break final.

At the party, he gets to know one of Allie’s co-workers as they share a smoke out on the balcony, and by the end of the night, their lives will never be the same.

(Un)lucky Thirteen

(Un)lucky Thirteen: a horror novella

A little girl. One sweet smile. And all is lost.

On a walk one night, Cara stops to admire a beautiful Victorian house. The little girl who lives there befriends her, and after a few visits, Lindsey invites Cara inside to have a lemonade with her and her dad.

But the house is not what it seems, and Cara finds herself trapped inside, unable to leave. But it’s not the father who is a threat to Cara. It’s Lindsey.

And now Cara has to figure out how to escape with her life.

House of Desire

The House of Desire is the place where all your fantasies come true, but behind the walls, a darkness lives.

Ever since Walter Marceline took Lillian Dray’s aging body and transformed her into a twenty-four-year-old beauty, she has been his faithful servant. For nine years she’s worked as his assistant at the House of Desire, a princess-themed brothel located in the hills of southern Nevada.

Lil has it all. A great job, the attention and admiration of Walt, and her behind-the-scenes girlfriend, Ariel, but after the arrival of a new girl, Walt starts to increasingly show a violent side. When Lil finally realizes the truth about what’s going on, it might be too late to save herself and Ariel because there’s no leaving the House of Desire… for anybody.

Black Diamond Dogs

She abducted him and brought him to Brazil. She forced him into her cruel depraved world with her psychotic family. She tried to make him forget his old life… But he never would, no matter how long she kept him in this prison.

Kidnapped and held captive in a secured compound in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, Cody is thrust into the brutal world of dog fighting by a delusional woman who believes fate brought them together. Nobody is willing to defy her by helping Cody, but as long as he doesn’t break her rules, he won’t be beat.

Not all of Andressa’s prisoners are as lucky as him though.

The stress of the dog fighting, along with her tumultuous relationship with her lunatic brother, pushes her closer to the edge, and she becomes even more abusive toward her staff. Cody intends to play her game and plan his escape, but if she discovers what he’s doing, he just might be fed to the dogs.

Shallow Depths

Shallow Depths: a horror novella
Underwater they waited, their thirst for blood running deep.
Soon… very soon, they would feed again.

Determined to fix their troubled marriage, Cat and Leif purchase a summer home on an idyllic lake, hours away from their hectic city life. While Leif is working, Cat keeps busy by spending time in the water or visiting with new friends, who warn her about the urban legends of the lake. Curious, Cat digs for more information, discovering a trio of mysterious deaths a century ago, and a woman who claimed the lake weeds to be responsible.

One drunken night, she makes a horrible mistake, widening the fissure in their marriage. Trying to figure out where it all went wrong, Cat finds comfort in the water. But soon, the betrayer becomes the betrayed as Cat slowly learns the truth about that night, and the weeds once again seek justice for the one who was wronged.

A Story To Tell

Some stories are better left untold.

One family.
One dark secret.
Many lives changed.

Publications as Suzi Drew

When the Mist Clears

Sometimes you have to die, to learn how to live.

Lyrica blames everyone else for her problems. Her mother, for kicking her out of the house, her younger sister for being the perfect daughter, and her cheating boyfriend for dumping her when she needed him the most.

One stupid and rash decision results in two deaths, her own and her boss’s, the nerdy Cyrus. Lyrica wakes up to discover she’s dead, stuck in her old world but unable to interact with those around her. And worst of all, everybody thinks Cyrus murdered her.

It’s Lyrica’s fault her family is falling apart and that everyone blames Cyrus for her death. She not only has to figure out a way to let the world know the truth about Cyrus but also how to keep her family from ruining their lives. The guilt is enough to kill her… if she wasn’t already dead.

Varying Degrees of Blame

Christian has never had any use for a mother—his deserted him fifteen years ago after all. So when his grandfather dies, leaving him in a new town all alone, he’d rather spend his senior year with a foster family than look up his birth mother. And, as if his life isn’t bad enough, his foster parents take in another stray, a girl whose family defines the word dysfunction.

All Kylie wanted was to save her mother from an abusive boyfriend, but when she calls the cops, her mother is arrested too, and Kylie is sent to a foster family.

Christian doesn’t understand Kylie’s loyalty to her mother, a woman whose bad decisions keep affecting her life, but he needs to convince Kylie to hide that they’re both foster kids. As long as they tell the kids at school that they’re family, then there’s no chance he’ll get sent back to the drug addict who abandoned him. And everything will be okay.

The Proper Way to Say Goodbye

Only one person knew Chloe was gay, and his love and support disappeared when he hung a noose around his neck… And jumped.

Chloe’s first year at college should be full of excitement, but instead, she’s hiding her pain over her older brother’s recent suicide. Only two people know the truth about Brock: Murphy, who totally gets the wrong idea about their friendship because Chloe refuses to tell him she’s into girls, and Sasha, her gorgeous young teaching assistant.

With Sasha’s help, Chloe digs deeper, trying to understand why Brock took his life. She learns about his plan for revenge against the ones who hurt him, but her new obsession to find the whole truth comes at a cost, and she might have to give up everything she’s ever wanted in order to discover Brock’s final secret.


Sometimes you have to freeze everyone out. . . to avoid getting burned.

Tired of being labeled the troubled foster kid, Sydney just wants to get through these last five months without everyone learning about her mom’s cocaine overdose. Luckily, her new foster sister, Brooke, makes life easier by ignoring her at school, which Sydney is okay with. She isn’t interested in Brooke’s spoiled and stuck up friends.

Despite Sydney’s reluctance to get to know others, some in Brooke’s crowd welcome her in, including Brooke’s boyfriend. And when Sydney discovers he’s got a big secret of his own, she starts to realize the privileged kids might not have it so easy after all.

But even as her frozen exterior thaws, it might not be enough to allow love into her heart.