Robin Cain


Robin began her writing career as a child, penning plays for friends to perform in neighborhood garages. Since then, her publishing credits include articles for online publications, stories in various anthologies, and two novels, the latest of which is entitled, The Secret Miss Rabbit Kept. She lives in Scottsdale, AZ. You can often find her hiking in the great outdoors. That’s where all her best ideas come from. 


When Dreams Bleed

A software genius with a knack for business, Frank Campelletti’s been living the dream his whole life. He’s amassed money, success, and is now accumulating women, but someone out there thinks he’s gone too far.

Who is seeking revenge and why? His wife? His mistress? Or the shadow who’s been following his every move?

Just when he thinks he has anticipated his opponent’s next move a tragic car accident leaves him paralyzed, his life’s work is being stolen and his wife has disappeared. Just how far will someone go to teach him the correlation between deception and despair?

When Dreams Bleed examines temptation and the ensuing consequences in a contemporary world. It’s no secret that dreams come at a price, but what happens WHEN DREAMS BLEED?

The Secret Miss Rabbit Kept

According to sixteen-year-old Sophie, her new job at Sterlingwood Nursing Home makes perfect sense. Where else could a girl abandoned as a newborn better fit in than with all the other “toss-aways”? But she soon discovers the work is hard, the residents are crazy, and lessons in dying aren’t what she had in mind. Now she wants to quit.

An introduction to Miss Mable Rabbit, an elderly woman who refuses to speak, and a co-worker’s cryptic warning to just let the poor woman be, provide Sophie with reason to stay. She’s convinced she’ll be the one to break through the woman’s silence.

Winning Miss Rabbit’s trust doesn’t come easy. Overprotective parents, a drill sergeant of a Head Nurse, and a chain-smoking geriatric busybody offer little in the way of help. Sophie’s entire strategy hinges on advice from an unnerving observer – one pesky know-it-all woman, come back from the dead to assist. Her unexpected gift propels Sophie on a journey through a past no one is willing to claim and a reality no one should ever know. As Sophie learns that love often hides behind difficult choices, she tries to help Miss Rabbit find her voice, and in doing so, discovers her own.

Showcasing the heart of one generation and the soul of another, THE SECRET MISS RABBIT KEPT is ripe with poignancy and humor. A story of unexpected friendships and second chances, this coming-of-age tale proves that growing up and growing old aren’t so different after all.