Charles Edwin


His entire life, Charles has been fascinated by captivating an audience through storytelling. When he was growing up folks would often say, “Charles exaggerates a lot of details”, but he’d simply insist that “I only changed the mundane part of the story. Look how invested and excited everyone was with a few little tweaks!” Ever since, he has continued to expand his horizons in order to captivate others.



Will we ever know our impact on others?
The weight of our actions?

The neglect of a parent.
The internal rollercoaster of the unknown.
The harsh stoic belief you weren’t left behind.

When people have found themselves lost to who they are. Or when the kingdom determines them unfit for the city. Bram Finch, a doctor in psychology and the mind, vows to take on their burdens. At his manor he works to help people move on from their past traumas. He’s spent many months with these patients and all seems to be going well.

However, the Doctor begins having nightmares of a castle and a mysterious figure in black. The only thing that he can recall is the sense of dread in his stomach. That, and those pulsing red eyes always staring back at him. If that wasn’t strange enough suddenly a new arrival makes his appearance at the manor. A young boy who bears the name

A Kid and His Slime

A young boy named Alex has spent all his life hidden away from the world until one day he begins having visions.

His father leaves to find answers, but after a week and no return his visions draw him into the forbidden wood.

Join Alex in his fated quest to free the world from the dark lord with his unlikely monster companion Slime!

Road to a Champion

As Mac steps out to close out the League Circuit this season, he is met with the new up and coming trainer who took this season by storm. When they release their creature partners onto the field, he is reminded of how is journey first began 20 years ago and the long road he traveled to become the regions current champion.
This narrative journey will feature story telling mostly in the “past” with returns to the present.